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Website by Monica Routman

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Traveling with Laughter All Over


Tel: 612.802.1608


Fighting COVID-19 with Laughter!
Boost Your Immune System!
Join Me Everyday at 1pm Central on FaceBook Live!

Everyday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern          

for 20 minutes                                                                                    


Join Me for Free Every Monday Morning

Every Monday at 9 am Central, 10am Eastern          

for 15 minutes                                                                                    

Call 218-339-2460 

Code LAUGH# (52844#)                        

                                               Add me to the reminder email on Sundays!



Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga)

Laughter Yoga Leader Certifications

Keynote Speaker

Leadership Training

STRENGTHFinder 2.0


Laughter Doodler

Upcoming Events

May 9, 2020   2:30pm - 5pm

Book Launch Party

Creekside in Edina

7100 Metro Blvd.

(mine is the chapter

on Caregiving!)


May 17, 2020   11am - 5pm

Deepen Your Heartfelt Connection to

Self Through Laughter ~ Touch ~ Art

Evolve Workplace

260 Wentworth Ave. E 

West St. Paul


More about the Art Segment


Put Your Event on My Calendar

Smile. Be silly. 

Focus on your health.

Share a laugh.

Seriously, giggle.

'When you laugh, shift happens.'

Plan something incredible today!


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