Each interactive healthy laughter service is customized

 All mobility levels can fully participate

No previous experience, special clothes or equipment required


Build stronger teams with trust

Boost energy and positivity

Offer memorable FUN!


Conference Speaker

Stretch your smile muscles

Give your funny bone a workout

Get ready for anything

When you laugh, shift happens!

Laughter Yoga Session

For Any Group

Overworked - No time for exercise

Jump-start positive perspective

Focus on PTSD-chronic pain-stress 

depression-long-time illness

Laughter Coaching for

Personal Wellness

Perfect for any occasion

Customized 1-1 session

Laughter is the perfect gift to add joy, uplift and inspire


Gift Session

Leave your inhibitions behind

Clear your mind-get grounded

Vibrant, transformative experience

Unleash your bold with fresh ideas

Corporate Training

& Events

Renew, refresh and re-energize 

Reduce compassion fatigue

Tips & tools for patients and other caregivers. (CEU credits available)

Laughter Yoga Session for

Health Care Workers

Institute something new for

 your corporate or personal events

Staff get-togethers with a twist

Fun and interactive ‘happy hour’

Unique Laughter


So many excuses to Celebrate!

Global Belly Laugh Day-1.24@1:24

Int’l Moment of Laughter Day-4.14

World Laughter Day-1st Sun in May



     Create collaboration with play

   Foster creativity and productivity

       Build trust and connection

   Decrease stress ~ increase health

Staff Development: 

Lift Your Bottom Line

Energizing, fun, portable exercise

Opportunity to socialize

Decrease pain, stress, anxiety

and depression



      Create a culture of laughter

   Engage faculty, staff and students

     Build connection ~ lower stress

 Increase health and overall wellness

Laughter Yoga Session

for Students

Augment your professional skills

Use laughter to shift perspective

Learn to create & share intentional laughter (CEUs available)

Laughter Yoga

Leader Certification

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Traveling with Laughter All Over

Tel: 612.802.1608

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