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Each interactive healthy laughter service is customized

 All mobility levels can fully participate

No previous experience, special clothes or equipment required

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Build stronger teams with trust

Boost energy and positivity

Offer memorable FUN!


Conference Speaker

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Stretch your smile muscles

Give your funny bone a workout

Get ready for anything

When you laugh, shift happens!

Laughter Yoga Session

For Any Group

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Overworked - No time for exercise

Jump-start positive perspective

Focus on PTSD-chronic pain-stress 

depression-long-time illness

Laughter Coaching for

Personal Wellness

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Perfect for any occasion

Customized 1-1 session

Laughter is the perfect gift to add joy, uplift and inspire


Gift Session

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Leave your inhibitions behind

Clear your mind-get grounded

Vibrant, transformative experience

Unleash your bold with fresh ideas

Corporate Training

& Events

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Renew, refresh and re-energize 

Reduce compassion fatigue

Tips & tools for patients and other caregivers. (CEU credits available)

Laughter Yoga Session for

Health Care Workers

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Institute something new for

 your corporate or personal events

Staff get-togethers with a twist

Fun and interactive ‘happy hour’

Unique Laughter


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So many excuses to Celebrate!

Global Belly Laugh Day-1.24@1:24

Int’l Moment of Laughter Day-4.14

World Laughter Day-1st Sun in May



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     Create collaboration with play

   Foster creativity and productivity

       Build trust and connection

   Decrease stress ~ increase health

Staff Development: 

Lift Your Bottom Line

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Energizing, fun, portable exercise

Opportunity to socialize

Decrease pain, stress, anxiety

and depression



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      Create a culture of laughter

   Engage faculty, staff and students

     Build connection ~ lower stress

 Increase health and overall wellness

Laughter Yoga Session

for Students

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Augment your professional skills

Use laughter to shift perspective

Learn to create & share intentional laughter (CEUs available)

Laughter Yoga

Leader Certification

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