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Customized Healthy Laughter Experiences

 All mobility levels can fully participate

No previous experience, special clothes or equipment required


Hire Sarah for a Motivating Experience 

Innovative - Interactive - Engaging

  • Create collaboration with play

  • Foster creativity & productivity

  • Build stronger teams with trust

  • Boost energy and positivity

  • Decrease stress - increase health

  • Introduce FUN in the workplace

One hour of 

 can change everything!

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Laughter Yoga is a powerful exercise involving purposeful, playful, voluntary laughter.

Often done in groups using eye contact, clapping, breathing and movement,

this joyful practice will leave you feeling uplifted.

  • Create a culture of laughter

  • Build connection & community

  • Lower stress, anxiety, & depression

  • Combat compassion fatigue

  • Renew, refresh  and re-energize

  • Increase health and overall wellness

  • Energizing, fun, portable exercise

  • Adaptable to all ability & mobility levels

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If you find yourself overworked with no time for exercise or self-care, Sarah's individualized coaching can help you with stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and more to jump-start a positive transformation to get back to your best self.

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Add laughter to enhance ANY holiday or life-event!

Celebrate Official Laughter Holidays on:

  • Global Belly Laugh Day - Jan. 24 at 1:24 pm

  • International Moment of Laughter Day - April 14

  • World Laughter Day - 1st Sunday in May

Laughter Yoga Certification
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Perfect for teachers, coaches and health professionals of all kinds.

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Are you ready to help others laugh for the health of it? 

Giving yourself the gift of laughter so you can gift it to

others is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

You'll learn the history and health benefits of laughter and discover that you always have a giggle in your pocket.


Nothing is more satisfying than transforming lives with mindful breathwork, laughter exercises,  movement and play!

Look what happens spontaneously the day after one of Sarah's events!
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