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The Perfect Pairing - Laughter & Chocolate -

Every Thursday 2:30 pm Central

Thursdays at 2:30 Central                                          Clubhouse Conversation                                                                                                              Contemplating Laughter Club

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Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga)

Laughter Yoga Leader Certifications

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Leadership Training

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Laughter Doodler

Upcoming Laughter Events

Inspired Mom Summit

November 11-14 

Don't worry if you missed it. You can still watch.

Learn to Destress with Creativity

November 27, 2021 10:30 - 11:30 am


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  • Individual Laughter Coaching

  • Corporate Wellness for

               Stress Management 

               Team Building

               Connection While Distancing 

  • Family Fun with Laughter Experiences 

  • Enhance Any Celebration with Laughter


Smile. Be silly. 

Focus on your health.

Share a laugh.

Seriously, giggle.

'When you laugh, shift happens.'

Plan something incredible today!


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