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 Free LAUGHS with Sarah on Mondays
10:00 Eastern |  9:00 Central  | 8:00 Mountain  | 7:00 Pacific
Not sure what your time zone is? Click here to see a map.
Join this FREE 15-minute conference call to start your week with laughter and joy!
Three easy steps:
1. Call 218-339-2460 
2. Enter Code: LAUGH# (52844#)
3. Laugh and enjoy!

1. At 9:00 AM Central Time call the conference call line

    Dial: 218-339-2460

    Enter Code: 52844# (LAUGH#)


Be prepared to leave your inhibitions at the door as you let go with some serious belly laughs!

2. Let's PLAY!

It’s time to throw caution – and judgment – to the wind. 

This is all about having FUN! We are aiming for 15 minutes of BELLY LAUGHTER and the best way to get there is to allow ourselves to be silly, playful, childlike, and ridiculous – the more we let go and PLAY, the better!

"I enjoy Mondays tremendously. I find the call fun and energy-producing as well as stress-reducing. I can't wait for every Monday."   - Debbie, Georgia

Time Zone Map

Not sure about your time zone? See the map below.

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