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Meet My TEAM

I inspire and motivate individuals and professionals to engage in healthy laughter for vibrant, uplifting, and transformative shifts in all areas of their lives. I can't do it alone, so I compiled an effective team.

Joyful Juggler.png

As a soloprenuer, Sarah has her hands in all aspects of the business and wears many different hats. Thankfully, she has a wonderful team to support her.


Sarah was delighted to read an Oxford University study noting that juggling can increase grey matter in the brain. She uses that as motivation to keep going when balls start to drop or the number of hats increases dramatically in a short period of time. 

Wellness Wizard
Wellness Wizard.png

Sarah runs the ‘Laughter Lab’ and is ready with her bag of tricks, tips, and tools to help you commit to being fit with laughter. 


With her Monday Morning Laughter Calls, Sarah demonstrates how to incorporate laughter into activities you already do so it becomes easy for you to create your own heart-healthy laughter habit.

Innovator Extraordinaire_edited.jpg

Sarah’s got just the right thing for you. Quick on her feet, she customizes every laughter session and guarantees your audience will walk away with tips and tools they can put to use immediately.


Don’t settle for the same tired presentation when thinking of your next keynote speaker, presenter, or facilitator. Let Sarah know your parameters and her imagination will take it from there.

Energy Engineer

Sarah has an uncanny way of turning dreaded exercise into something to look forward to on a daily basis. Sarah has crafted a routine to match every lifestyle.


With vigor and vitality, Sarah’s energy is contagious, and she generously shares both the science and sheer fun of laughter as she engineers a path for your overall increased wellness, whether you choose to work with her alone, in a group or have her customize an entire cultural shift for your company.

Playful Party Planner

Every party can be enhanced with laughter! Creator of the ultimate journal/planner/coloring book/quote book - ‘Make Every Day Ridiculously Amazing’ – Sarah’s expertise in event and meeting planning will help you create a celebration to remember.


Sarah is known for sharing fun holidays and she'll help make your next meeting or event come to life with laughter and innovation that will have your clients clamoring for more.

I can't wait to laugh with you!

Sarah is ready to connect you to any of her contacts that can help you reach your goals as an individual, struggling small business or already successful organization.


Give Sarah any two unrelated things, and in no time, like an apothecary with the perfect cure, she’ll have a long list to connect you to the perfect partner. 

Champion of Challenges

Sarah will keep you on your toes and help you create a seamless culture of laughter in your workplace and in your personal life. Sporting a car magnet that asks, ‘Have You Laughed Today?’, Sarah strives to engage strangers with curiosity and laughter anytime, anywhere.


With her infectious energy and enthusiasm, she encourages you to accept one of the many challenges designed to help you engage and spread healthy laughter yourself.  Are you up for the challenge?


Sarah is often considered the Mary Poppins of laughter due to her adherence to Mary’s philosophy, ‘In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.’ Sarah reminds the whole team to keep things vibrant and lively. She’s consistently dreaming up new ideas to add exuberance and merriment to the hearts of all of our clients.


Ever since she created Chocolate Thursday, we can’t wait to see what fun and frivolity Sarah dreams up next!

Administrative Acrobat

Every small business needs someone cool, calm, and collected to keep things flowing smoothly. Like a seasoned acrobat, Sarah keeps the complex administrative functions soaring effortlessly. 


Sarah choreographs a seamless experience with everything rigged in your favor from start to finish, so trust the process and know you will be treated like royalty every step of the way.

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