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Colleen Fuentes from Town Square TV's The Good Stuff 

talks to Sarah about Laughter Yoga

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Sarah helps FUNdraise for local news station telethon - Minneapolis, MN

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Beverly Crosby, Nadia Girodana, David Lapakko, Midge Bubany, and Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

speak and laugh with Sarah on Generations, trying to determine if laughter really is the best medicine. 

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Experts & practitioners from around the world share information about healing practices and techniques

Sarah joins Sara Jane to discuss "Laughter Really is the Best Medicine"

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What is a Laughter Ambassador?Jearlyn Steele at 8pm
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15th Anniversary Keynote EXPO for Seniors, UnMonday Your Monday & Every Day with Laughter

(pages 8, 10, & 22)

Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota, Member Spotlight


Friday with Joan: Blog, Mixing Up Our Meetings, from

IMEX America Daily Show, Day 2  Just Laugh! It's Good for You!


The Laughing Hippie's Blogpost, Laughter Doodling - A New Way to Find Your Inner Joy

I listened to one of your podcast interviews regarding laughter. I'm a low key, reserved individual, but I LOVED your passion in how you speak on the topic. - Anonymous

What people are Saying about LAUGH HEALTHY
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Last month, our staff participated in a 50-minute team session called 'Get Serious about Laughter (No Joke)! - Let's Manage Stress with Laughter.' The session, which was a lot of fun, also provided an opportunity for participants to connect with others and boost staff morale. 

One participant said "the instructor was having so much fun, it was impossible not to join in, relax and have a good time!"

Emily Beck, Genetech, Meeting Planner

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