TV Spotlights

Colleen Fuentes from TST's 'The Good Stuff' talks to Sarah about Laughter Yoga


Sarah helps FUNdraise for local news station telethon - Minneapolis, MN



Sarah was interviewed by Dr. Archelle Georgiou from Inside Your Health on Channel 5


Beverly Crosby, Nadia Girodana, David Lapakko, Midge Bubany, and Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

speak and laugh with Sarah on Generations, trying to determine if laughter really is the best medicine. 

Radio Spotlight
WCCO Radio, Jearlyn Steele at 8pm, What is a Laugh Ambassador?

(Beginning at 21 minutes)

What is a Laughter Ambassador?Jearlyn Steele at 8pm
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Press Features


Stillwater & Dellwood Neighbors, Boost the Holiday Spirit with Purposeful Laughter

Shape Magainze, The Benefits of Laughter Are No Joke

Quiet Oaks Hospice House Newsletter, Emotional Health Tip


Corporate Event News, How to Lighten Up Your Conference with Laughter Yoga

Meetings Today, LOL! Laughter Yoga Will Leave Meeting Attendees with More Smiles and Less Stress


Minneapolis Star Tribune, Hopkins Wellness Advocate Has a 'Fantastic' Cure for Stress: Laughter

Sun Sailor, Laugh for the Health of It: Hopkins Woman Makes Laughing Her Job

Sun Sailor, Mindfulness IS a Laughing Matter with 'Serious Giggles'

TC Jewfolk, Belly Laugh Day Joins the Twin Cities Jewish Humor Festival


15th Anniversary Keynote EXPO for Seniors, UnMonday Your Monday & Every Day with Laughter

(pages 8, 10, & 22)

Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota, Member Spotlight




                          Fire & Earth Podcast E86:

                          Laughing Every Day with Sarah Routman


                          The Millenial and Me: 

                          Laughter Just Might Be the Best Medicine - Ep. 11



                          Money You Should Ask E 102:

                          Laugh Out Loud, Rachael Siegelman and Sarah Routman

                          Real Men presented by Jack's Caregiver Coalition with Kyle Woody

                          Finding Joy with Laughter Even When Living with a Serious Illness



                           The Love Doctor is IN with Dr. Terri Orbuch

                           How to Transform Your Relationships with Laughter

                           The Joy of Living  (starts at 7 minutes 55 seconds)

                           Laugh Your Way to Health, Wealth, Wisdom 










Friday with Joan: Blog, Mixing Up Our Meetings, from

IMEX America Daily Show, Day 2  Just Laugh! It's Good for You!


The Laughing Hippie's Blogpost, Laughter Doodling - A New Way to Find Your Inner Joy


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I listened to one of your podcast interviews regarding laughter. I'm a low key, reserved individual, but I LOVED your passion in how you speak on the topic. - anonymous

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Experts & practitioners from around the world share information about healing practices and techniques

Sarah joins Sara Jane to discuss "Laughter Really is the Best Medicine"