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Discover the Power of Laughter

"When you




What is Laughter Yoga?

Professor of Psychology at Stanford University,

Dr. William Fry, has said,

            "Laughter is like jogging on the inside."  

  • It combines clapping, laughing, stretching and breathing with eye contact, playfulness and no judgment.

  • It's a bit like playing theater games.

  • No special clothes, yoga mat or sense of humor required! 



Sarah Routman

Are Your Employees SAD?
       (Stressed, Anxious, Depressed)
According to the American Institute of Stress,
20% of SAD cases go untreated, costing the 
global economy $1 trillion/year in lost productivity.
Laugh it Off!  It Just May be the Best Medicine!
"There is little success where there is little laughter." -Andrew Carnegie

Research has shown that laughter, whether intentional or spontaneous, provides a wide range of personal health benefits. By positively impacting employee wellbeing, the financial health of the company benefits tremendously.

Transform Your Life with Sarah

I am a Laughter Expert. I help corporations lower  employee stress by teaching purposeful playful laughter, so they can save thousands of dollars every year on healthcare costs.

people have
   Laughed with Sarah
just keep laughing!.JPG
Happy Teens

Laughter Yoga is a 'come as you are' customized experience.


From the board room to the break room, everyone, no matter their mobility level, can enjoy the purposeful playful laughter that is Laughter Yoga.

After a few minutes of faking it, the laughter turns real. As the laughter becomes contagious and prolonged, it provides meaningful exercise, resulting in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.   

Creating an Impact

A champion of overall wellness, Sarah inspires and motivates individuals and professionals to engage in healthy laughter for a vibrant, uplifting and transformative shift in all aspects of their lives.

Are you up for the challenge?

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